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34-year-old Nigerian Born Chenge In Race For Governor In United States



Nigerian born Austin Chenge, is in the race for the governorship position in the state of Michigan in the United States of America for 2022

Chenge, a native of Benue State in Nigeria, will challenge Lamar Smith for the ticket under the Republican Party

According to a statement by Abdul-Rahman Balogun, Head of Media and Public Relations unit, Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, the 34-year-old is popular locally for designing the tricycle known as Wazobia in 2016 aimed to improve the lives of peasant farmers all over Africa.

The statement said Chenge announced his intention to run for governor of Michigan in March 2020, making him the first Republican to do so.

Chenge is a Law graduate from the University of Birmingham, England. Since the year 2018, he has been serving with the US military as a specialist.

“He is decorated with the Achievement Medal as a Distinguished Honour Graduate with a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 99.8% and for exceptional performance while on active duty,” Balogun said.

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Nigerian migrant burnt alive in Libya



Three men stormed a factory in Tripoli, doused a Nigerian worker in petrol, and set him on fire, according to a statement by the Libyan interior ministry, in a new reported attack on migrants in the north African country.

The United Nations has described the attack as “another senseless crime against migrants in the country.”

A statement by Tripoli’s interior ministry on Wednesday said the suspects all Libyan nationals had been detained for the attack on the man, who has not been named.

The ministry cited witness testimony that described the men storming the factory and setting the Nigerian man on fire.

“The young man was burned alive, in yet again another senseless crime against migrants in the country,” tweeted Federico Soda, head of the UN’s International Organization of Migration mission in Libya. “Those responsible must be held to account.”

War-torn Libya has repeatedly been accused of being a hostile environment for migrants and refugees, many of whom pass through the country in an attempt to reach safer shores in Europe.

Many of these migrants are intercepted by European authorities and returned to Libya.

Last month, Amnesty International released a report detailing “horrific cycles of abuses” of migrants in Libya, including unlawful killings, enforced disappearances, torture, and rape.

The rights group says that the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the abuse.

“Instead of being protected, they are met with a catalogue of appalling human rights abuses and now unfairly for the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic on deeply racist and xenophobic grounds,” said Diana Eltahawy, the rights group’s Deputy Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa said in the report.

“Despite this, even in 2020 the EU and its member states continue to implement policies trapping tens of thousands of men, women and children in a vicious cycle of abuse, showing callous disregard for people’s lives and dignity.”

In August, over 45 migrants died in a shipwreck off of the Libyan coast. More than 7,000 people making the perilous journey have been returned to Libya in 2020, according to the UN Refugee Agency.

Thousands of these are believed to end up in detention centers in parts of Libya controlled by the internationally-recognized government in Tripoli.

In 2017, a CNN team witnessed a dozen men being sold in a slave auction in Libya, which opened an investigation into the slave markets.

Credit: CNN

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Nobel Laureate goes under UN protection as threat to life escalates



Congolese Nobel Peace Prize laureate and renowned gynaecologist Denis Mukwege has been put under United Nations protection, as threats to his life escalate.

Peacekeepers have been sent to secure the doctor and his hospital in Bukavu, eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, four months after they were withdrawn because of a coronavirus outbreak

The 65-year-old – who survived a previous assassination attempt against him in 2012 – shared the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize with Nadia Murad, a Yazidi human rights activist and genocide survivor.

“As a result of his work treating survivors of sexual violence and speaking out against human rights abuses in DRC, Denis Mukwege is facing threats against his life,” she tweeted on September 2nd. “I stand in solidarity with my friend and call on the UN to provide protections for him.”

Dr Mukwege is from Bukavu, a city in eastern DRC, on the Rwandan border. He founded Panzi Hospital there in 1999, and has treated thousands of victims of sexual violence there since.

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