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All the Public Holidays in Nigeria for 2020



See all the public holidays in Nigeria this year 2020, this will help you plan Jan 6, 2020 10:01 AM

Plan your activities this 2020 with these dates in mind.

These are the public holidays and observance in Nigeria for 2020.

New Year Day. 1st Jan Wednesday, 2020 (Public Holiday)

St Valentine’s day 14th February Friday (observance)

Women’s Day 8 March Sunday (Observance)

Mothers Day 22nd March (Observance)

Good Friday;10th April Friday(Public Holiday)

Holy Saturday 11th April, Saturday (Observance, Christian)

Easter Sunday:12th April Sunday (Observance, Christian)

Easter Monday: 13th April Monday (Public Holiday)

Workers’ Day 1st May Friday (Public Holiday)

Id ‘el Fitri 24th May Sunday (Public Holiday, Muslim Ramadan Celebration)

Id ‘el Fitri :25th May Monday Additional holiday (Public Holiday)

Children’s Day 27th May, Wednesday (Observance)

Democracy Day: 12th Jun Friday (Public Holiday)

Father’s Day 21st June Sunday (Observance)

Id’ el Kabir – 31 July Friday Public Holiday Muslim Celebration (Feast of Sacrifice)

Idel Kabir

1st Aug Saturday additional holiday (Public Holiday)

Independence Day: 1 October Thursday (National Day Public Holiday)

I’d ‘el Maulud – 29 Oct Thursday

(Public Holiday- Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday)

Christmas Eve 24 Dec Thursday (Observance, Christian)

Christmas Day 25 Dec Friday (Public Holiday)

Boxing Day 26 Dec Saturday (Public Holiday)

New Year’s Eve 31 Dec Thursday (Observance)

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Woman Attacked With Acid For Refusing Proposal



No matter how much hatred people have for Rangoli Chandel when she slams or picks on celebrities, there is no denying of the fact that she is an extremely brave woman. She has also become an inspiration to many others, especially acid attack survivors.

Rangoli who was attacked by acid for refusing a guy's proposal today shared one of her pictures which shows the scars of the attack. Today, she is way for stronger and braver and we have huge respect for her.

Talking about the horrifying incident, Rangoli wrote on Twitter, “A lot of people feeling sorry about the fact that I lost my beauty, honestly when your organs melt before your eyes beauty is the last thing you care about, even after 54 surgeries over a span of 5 years doctors couldn’t reconstruct my ear.”

After this painful incident Rangoli revealed that she wanted to give up on life, but it was her sister Kangana and husband who stood like a pillar with her, “I don’t know what to say honestly I had given up on my life, my now husband but back den just a normal friend washed my wounds and waited outside operation theatres for years very supportive sister and parents collectively breathed life in to me.. Cannot take credit for what my life is today”.

She even shared one of her old images before the attack and revealed this was the last image she clicked before the attack, “Shortly after this image was clicked, the guy whose proposal I refused threw one litre of acid on my face, I had to go through 54 surgeries. Strangely and simultaneously, my little sister was physically assaulted and almost beaten to death for what?

Today she is a changed person and loves her life and we are super proud and glad, “I don’t know initially I wanted to know everything but my sister helped me disassociate from all this, it was harming my recovery process and now my husband and my son are my priority not going after a culprit.”

More power to you, woman!

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Could Gratitude Cure a Struggling Relationship?



Could Gratitude Cure a Struggling Relationship?

2019-09-27 14:13:53

Maintaining a relationship calls for effort from both partners, but things aren’t always rosy, especially when the honeymoon phase comes to an end.

If you’re in a long-term relationship, you might find yourself taking your partner for granted. As your relationship matures, you might not put in the effort you did in the beginning when your love was at its newest. You no longer surprise each other with gifts, and you can’t recall the last time you went on a date. After a time of this pattern, you end up not appreciating them, taking their love for granted as something normal. You assume they’ll always be there and that you’ll always be together.

Unfortunately, that’s not how love works.

Left unattended, the flames of love are likely to die out, leaving one or both partners feeling neglected, ignored, and resentful.

Gratitude to the Rescue

The good news is there’s a way to breathe new life into your relationship and make your partner feel appreciated once again.

The simple fix is to inject feelings of gratitude into your relationship. That’s right, an attitude of gratitude just might be what the doctor ordered for your ailing relationship. This attitude shift means thinking not only about the special little or big things your partner does for you, but also feeling grateful for who they are as a person, and for their presence in your life.

It also means consciously thinking about all the good traits they have and being thankful you’re in a relationship with someone that awesome in the first place.

How Gratitude Helps Couples

How exactly can being grateful improve your relationship?

Well, consider this—research shows grateful couples consistently reported higher levels of satisfaction in their relationships and also felt closer to each other than those who weren’t grateful.

It turns out gratitude creates an ongoing cycle of generosity, appreciation, and more gratitude.

It starts out with you being grateful for your partner. You then start appreciating them and the things they do. You become more caring and attentive as you recognize how valuable they are. This, in turn, leads you to put more effort into maintaining your relationship. After all, a valuable partner is worth holding on to.

As a result, your partner picks up on this and feels more appreciated and valued. They, in turn, feel good about having someone as thoughtful, kind, and loving as you in their lives, causing them to also start working on maintaining the relationship. In the end, your relationship thrives thanks to your joint efforts.

Gratitude  Communication Go Hand-in-Hand

Where to start with gratitude can be tough. It may be beneficial for both of you to take the relationship love languages test so you can see how your partner prefers to receive love and appreciation and vice versa.

For instance, say your significant other’s love languages are acts of service and words of affirmation. To express gratitude to your partner, maybe you take their car for an oil change or do the dishes when it was their turn to do them. It would also be important to verbally appreciate your partner, rather than relying on them intuiting your gratitude from actions alone.

Even if words of affirmation is not your partner’s love language, it is important to communicate your gratitude to your partner. Everyone likes to know they’re appreciated, whether at work or at home. So next time you notice something simple—like the trash was taken out without asking, or your partner picked you up your favorite snack—take a moment to verbally express your gratitude.

It can feel a little unnatural at first, especially if it’s not something you are used to doing, but it will pay off in the long run as you face the years together with your partner.

An Attitude of Gratitude is Good for All

Gratitude isn’t just good for your romantic relationships, it spills over into other relationships in your life. Being grateful for the people in your life can also help improve your relationships with your kids, co-workers, parents, siblings, and friends. Furthermore, it can improve your outlook on life, making you a happier person overall.

So the next time you catch yourself feeling disgruntled and under-appreciated in your relationship, take a break and think of all the things that make you grateful for your partner and watch your relationship blossom anew.

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