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How Dcp Abba Kyari Minimized Bombings/Genocides in the Northeast By Arresting 22 Insurgents, who are Bomb experts in 2019.



All suspects were arrested by Dcp Abba Kyari’s team have confessed to be masterminds of several attacks and suicide bomb blasts in Baga Road, 3-3, Custom, Bulunkutu, Post Office, Muna, Kasuwan Shanu, Dalori IDP camp etc etc in Maiduguri and many suicide attacks in Adamawa State, killing of thousands of innocent Nigerians, including ambushes on security agencies and civilians in the many parts of Northeast Nigeria.

The arrest of 22 Dreaded Boko Haram Terrorist BHT Group Members and Leaders Responsible for The Kidnapping of Chibok School Girls, Over 50 Suicide bombings within Maiduguri Borno State and Adamawa State, Invasion of Bama and Gwoza.

Several Attacks/Ambush and Killing of Thousands of Innocents Nigerians Including Security Agencies and Civilians in Borno and other Northeastern States of Nigeria.* Recovery Of 11 Ak47 Rifles and other weapons.

As they confessed, they were responsible for suicide bombing and abduction of Chibok school girls.
They confessed that they were part of the group that kidnapped the Chibok girls. One of them, a commander said they were over a 100 members of the militant group took part in that abduction.

Irked and worried by the Persistent Suicide Bombings and killing of Innocent Citizens in the North East by the dreaded Boko Haram Terrorist Group Terrorising North Eastern Nigeria, IGP Ibrahim K Idris equipped and deployed the Special Operatives of the IGP Intelligence Response Team IRT with enough Credible Technical Intelligence to Maiduguri Borno State to trace and Arrest all the TERRORIST Responsible for the Suicide Bombings and other Terrorist Attacks in the North East.

After a lot of Planning and use of Advance Technology, Between 04/07/18 and 09/07/18, IRT Special Teams With Support from SARS/CRACK team of Borno State Command Swung into action and eventually Succeeded in arresting 22 Confirmed Boko Haram Terrorists BHT who confessed to several Suicide bomb explosions within Borno and Adamawa States, Kidnapping of the Chibok School Girls, Invasions Of Bama/Gwoza among many other crimes. Suspects narrated various roles each of them played.

Amongst them are the Commanders and Coordinators of Suicide Bombings in Borno State, Coordinator and members of the Chibok School Girls Kidnapping, Ambushes on Security agents, Logistics Suppliers and their receivers of gold, international currencies, cows etc.
Suspects arrested are:

(1) Mayinta Modu AKA Abor 23yrs from Bama LGA Borno State: He confessed to being one of the Boko Haram Commanders who coordinated and led the kidnapping of the Chibok School Girls in 2014 and Several Attacks on Bama, Gwoza and Mubi towns in Borno and Adamawa States.

(2) Adam Mohammed 20yrs, from Bama LGA Borno: Confessed to have Participated in Chibok School Girls Kidnapping and Coordinating Suicide Bombings.

(3) Gujja Jidda 21yrs from Bama LGA Borno State: Confessed to have Participated in the Chibok School Girls Kidnapping and Coordinating Suicide bombings.

(4) Mamman Wardi 25yrs from Bama LGA Borno State: Confessed to Participating in the Chibok School Girls Kidnapping and Coordinating Suicide bombings.

(5) Alhaji Modu Jidda 29yrs from Bama LGA Borno State: Confessed to have Participated in the Chibok School Girls Kidnapping and Coordinating Suicide Bombings.

(6) Ajiri Bulama Dungus 22yrs from Bama LGA: Confessed to have participated in the Chibok School Girls Kidnappings And Suicide Bombings.

(7) Mohammed Abba 20yrs from Bama LGA Borno State: Confessed to have Participated in the Chibok School Girls Kidnapping
( Fannami Mustapha 22yrs from Bama LGA Borno State: Confessed to have participated in the Chibok School Girls Kidnapping and Coordinating Suicide Bombings.

(9) Adam Mustapha AKA Ba’Adam 20yrs native of Kalabalge LGA: Overall Coordinator and Kingpin of Suicide Bombings in Maiduguri and Adamawa State who conveys female and male suicide bombers from Sambisa Forest to Different locations in Maiduguri and Adamawa States to detonate their Bombs, he also confessed to be mastermind of the suicide bomb blasts in Baga road, Bulunkutu, Custom, Post Office, 3-3, Muna etc in Maiduguri that led to the destruction of lives and prosperities.

(10) Mustapha Kanimbu AKA Aaramma 20yrs native of Mobbar Borno State: He is one of the Boko Haram Terrorist Commander who supplies logistics to the group members in Sambisa and also confessed to Have participated in Several Attacks and Killing of Hundreds of people in Maiduguri.

(11) Ibrahim Mala 48yrs native of Gwoza LGA Borno State: He is one of the BHT Commanders who lives in Dalori karekere MMC Borno State and supplies food and logistics to his members in the Sambisa Forrest.

(12) Abdullahi Mohammed Gawi 23yrs from Bama LGA Borno State: confessed member
(13) Maina Adam 35yrs from Bama LGA Borno State: confessed Member.

(14) Wano Musa 27yrs native of Bama LGA Borno State: confessed member and Coordinating Suicide bombings.

(15) Ishaka Musa 26yrs from Bama LGA Borno State: Confessed Member and Coordinating Suicide Bombings.

(16) Abubakar Mohammed 28yrs Native of Nganzai LGA Borno State: Confessed Member and Coordinating Suicide bombings.

(17) Usman Umar 28yrs Native of Bama LGA Borno State: Confessed member and Coordinating Suicide bombings.

(18) Maina Abba 27yrs native of Ngazai LGA Borno State:?confessed to Member.

(19) Maina Gambo 24yrs native of Nganzai LGA Borno State: Confessed member.

(20) Abubakar Kori 25yrs native of Nganzai LGA Borno State: Confessed member and Coordinating Suicide Bombings.

(21) Bukar Abatcha 39yrs Kanuri by tribe from Marte LGA Borno State, also a confessed member and major Logistics supplier to BHT Commanders living in the Bush.

(22) Muhammad Bashir AKA Kalijango 35yrs from Gambaru Ngala a civilian JTF Aiding and Assisting BHT to supply logistics.

11 Rifles and many other weapons and exhibits recovered from the deadly Terrorist group.
Suspects are helping the operatives with useful information to arrest the other fleeing BHT Commanders.

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Photos: Family, friends, associates celebrate Sam Sam Jaja at 70



Social distancing and isolation as a result of the outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic have almost stifled celebrations, a vital part of what makes us human, but it has not been all doom and gloom.
Observing the prevailing health rules and guidelines, family, friends, and political associates of Dr. Sam Sam Jaja have been in a festive mood since Sunday, celebrating a man they describe with a thousand kind words.

As an accomplished public servant, the Balolo of Opobo Kingdom and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress who turned 70 on Monday, August 3 continues to live footprints on the sands of time as he has served humanity in several capacities including as National Chairman, National Referee Association(NRA), Deputy National Chairman, People’s Democratic Party (PDP). He is currently the Board Chairman, University of Abuja Teaching Hospital
The celebration which happened at different parts of the country was flagged off in Port Harcourt with a Thanks Giving Church Service at New Covenant Anglican Church, Nzimiro Street, Port Harcourt even with the absence of the celebrant who is unavoidably outside of the state.
Former Chairman of Andoni local government area, Orom Nte thanked the Vicar in charge, Venerable Ifeanyi Amagboso for the prayers of the church which has kept Dr. Sam Sam Jaja to this ripe age of 70. He said the family, friends, and political associates of the celebrated statesman look forward to returning to the church to celebrate his 100th birthday.

On his part, Dave Okumgba, the South-South Zonal Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, APC said information about the event was managed to avoid a crowd, adding that the Opobo Chief has demonstrated again and again that he is a godly man.
Former Deputy Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly, Leyii Kwanee eulogized the septuagenarian. “He is an asset to Rivers people and that is why we have come to celebrate him”, he said. “He is a decent man. He is a man of integrity.”

Cutting the cake

The Chief Medical Director of the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, Professor Henry Ugboma told FR News on the Port Harcourt home of the celebrant where a quiet reception was organized in his honor that “Sam Sam Jaja means so much to me.” Scientifically, the year 70 is a year to remember.” “He is a father to all who come around him. We pray for more years so that he can continue empowering more people.”

Describing Dr Sam Sam Jaja as “a man in a million”, Madam Sussan Minimah an astute businesswoman and community leader told pressmen at the event that the excitements and fanfare everywhere marking his 70th birthday despite him not being available in person is a testimony of his unique and loveable personality. “Dr Sam Sam Jaja is a man who loves the rich, the poor and the downtrodden”, she said.

Madam Susan Minimah speaking to the press

Evangelist Chris Jaja who is the President General of Opobo Youth Federation said Dr Sam Sam Jaja is the only person with the title ‘Balolo’ in the entire Opobo kingdom. He said, “all youths of Opobo across the country are celebrating him because of his love and respect for young people.”

Evangelist Chris Jaja

On her part, the Acting Women leader of the APC in Rivers State, Beatrice Dappa said she has known no regrets since known Dr. Jaja. “I call him my bishop because of his love for God.” “I am where I am because of him. I pray that God will continue to keep him safe and may he never lack.”
For Fidelis Inyie Jaja, Dr Sam Sam Jaja’s youthful look at 70 is a reflection of the grace of God upon him. “He is a kindhearted man that is willing to embrace every soul that comes around him.” He helped to change me from Mr to Honourable, he has stabilized my life.”

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Women United for Economic Empowerment (WUEE) is a non-governmental organization with a mission to promote women/children rights, human development to the rural/urban poor women, youth, children and other vulnerable groups. WUEE in partnership with United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) announces a Call for small grant application for interested and eligible CSOs/CBOs in Rivers and Akwa Ibom States, on STRENGTHENING GOOD GOVERNANCE AND DEMOCRATIC PROCESSES AT THE LOCAL LEVEL IN NIGERIA

Purpose for Fund

The project seeks to increase the capacities of 20 civil CSOs/CBOs and Local Government Chairmen in order to help them fulfill their roles and responsibilities more effectively in a democratic system. It is meant to strengthen good governance and democratic processes at the local level in Nigeria and to increase citizen participation. The project shall be conducted in Rivers and Akwa Ibom States. Trained representatives of selected CSOs and CBOs shall in conjunction with local stakeholders organize civic education programs for Twenty Thousand (20,000) local citizens in their local communities (1,000 per CSO/CBO), in order to promote citizens’ understanding and participation in the democratic processes.


Applicants must:

  • Be Not-for-profit organizations.
  • Have expertise in governance programming.
  • Have presence in the Local Government/community in which the program will be conducted.
  • Be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
  • Have a track record of working with indigenous women, youth, persons with disabilities (PWD).
  • Be willing to comply with all technical and financial requirements for participation in the program, including reporting and documentation of project activities, communication strategy and capacity development opportunities.
  • Be willing to participate in assessments, trainings, workshops, meetings and other activities considered important for achieving project goal.


Interested organizations shall submit 4 hard copies of grant proposal including Certificate of registration with CAC to Women United for Economic Empowerment Office located at No. 70 Nwaniba Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State and soft copy via Email: or Applications must be received not later than Thursday, 13th August, 2020 at 16.00 hrs.  No late application will be accepted

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