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How Dcp Abba Kyari Minimized Bombings/Genocides in the Northeast By Arresting 22 Insurgents, who are Bomb experts in 2019.



All suspects were arrested by Dcp Abba Kyari’s team have confessed to be masterminds of several attacks and suicide bomb blasts in Baga Road, 3-3, Custom, Bulunkutu, Post Office, Muna, Kasuwan Shanu, Dalori IDP camp etc etc in Maiduguri and many suicide attacks in Adamawa State, killing of thousands of innocent Nigerians, including ambushes on security agencies and civilians in the many parts of Northeast Nigeria.

The arrest of 22 Dreaded Boko Haram Terrorist BHT Group Members and Leaders Responsible for The Kidnapping of Chibok School Girls, Over 50 Suicide bombings within Maiduguri Borno State and Adamawa State, Invasion of Bama and Gwoza.

Several Attacks/Ambush and Killing of Thousands of Innocents Nigerians Including Security Agencies and Civilians in Borno and other Northeastern States of Nigeria.* Recovery Of 11 Ak47 Rifles and other weapons.

As they confessed, they were responsible for suicide bombing and abduction of Chibok school girls.
They confessed that they were part of the group that kidnapped the Chibok girls. One of them, a commander said they were over a 100 members of the militant group took part in that abduction.

Irked and worried by the Persistent Suicide Bombings and killing of Innocent Citizens in the North East by the dreaded Boko Haram Terrorist Group Terrorising North Eastern Nigeria, IGP Ibrahim K Idris equipped and deployed the Special Operatives of the IGP Intelligence Response Team IRT with enough Credible Technical Intelligence to Maiduguri Borno State to trace and Arrest all the TERRORIST Responsible for the Suicide Bombings and other Terrorist Attacks in the North East.

After a lot of Planning and use of Advance Technology, Between 04/07/18 and 09/07/18, IRT Special Teams With Support from SARS/CRACK team of Borno State Command Swung into action and eventually Succeeded in arresting 22 Confirmed Boko Haram Terrorists BHT who confessed to several Suicide bomb explosions within Borno and Adamawa States, Kidnapping of the Chibok School Girls, Invasions Of Bama/Gwoza among many other crimes. Suspects narrated various roles each of them played.

Amongst them are the Commanders and Coordinators of Suicide Bombings in Borno State, Coordinator and members of the Chibok School Girls Kidnapping, Ambushes on Security agents, Logistics Suppliers and their receivers of gold, international currencies, cows etc.
Suspects arrested are:

(1) Mayinta Modu AKA Abor 23yrs from Bama LGA Borno State: He confessed to being one of the Boko Haram Commanders who coordinated and led the kidnapping of the Chibok School Girls in 2014 and Several Attacks on Bama, Gwoza and Mubi towns in Borno and Adamawa States.

(2) Adam Mohammed 20yrs, from Bama LGA Borno: Confessed to have Participated in Chibok School Girls Kidnapping and Coordinating Suicide Bombings.

(3) Gujja Jidda 21yrs from Bama LGA Borno State: Confessed to have Participated in the Chibok School Girls Kidnapping and Coordinating Suicide bombings.

(4) Mamman Wardi 25yrs from Bama LGA Borno State: Confessed to Participating in the Chibok School Girls Kidnapping and Coordinating Suicide bombings.

(5) Alhaji Modu Jidda 29yrs from Bama LGA Borno State: Confessed to have Participated in the Chibok School Girls Kidnapping and Coordinating Suicide Bombings.

(6) Ajiri Bulama Dungus 22yrs from Bama LGA: Confessed to have participated in the Chibok School Girls Kidnappings And Suicide Bombings.

(7) Mohammed Abba 20yrs from Bama LGA Borno State: Confessed to have Participated in the Chibok School Girls Kidnapping
( Fannami Mustapha 22yrs from Bama LGA Borno State: Confessed to have participated in the Chibok School Girls Kidnapping and Coordinating Suicide Bombings.

(9) Adam Mustapha AKA Ba’Adam 20yrs native of Kalabalge LGA: Overall Coordinator and Kingpin of Suicide Bombings in Maiduguri and Adamawa State who conveys female and male suicide bombers from Sambisa Forest to Different locations in Maiduguri and Adamawa States to detonate their Bombs, he also confessed to be mastermind of the suicide bomb blasts in Baga road, Bulunkutu, Custom, Post Office, 3-3, Muna etc in Maiduguri that led to the destruction of lives and prosperities.

(10) Mustapha Kanimbu AKA Aaramma 20yrs native of Mobbar Borno State: He is one of the Boko Haram Terrorist Commander who supplies logistics to the group members in Sambisa and also confessed to Have participated in Several Attacks and Killing of Hundreds of people in Maiduguri.

(11) Ibrahim Mala 48yrs native of Gwoza LGA Borno State: He is one of the BHT Commanders who lives in Dalori karekere MMC Borno State and supplies food and logistics to his members in the Sambisa Forrest.

(12) Abdullahi Mohammed Gawi 23yrs from Bama LGA Borno State: confessed member
(13) Maina Adam 35yrs from Bama LGA Borno State: confessed Member.

(14) Wano Musa 27yrs native of Bama LGA Borno State: confessed member and Coordinating Suicide bombings.

(15) Ishaka Musa 26yrs from Bama LGA Borno State: Confessed Member and Coordinating Suicide Bombings.

(16) Abubakar Mohammed 28yrs Native of Nganzai LGA Borno State: Confessed Member and Coordinating Suicide bombings.

(17) Usman Umar 28yrs Native of Bama LGA Borno State: Confessed member and Coordinating Suicide bombings.

(18) Maina Abba 27yrs native of Ngazai LGA Borno State:?confessed to Member.

(19) Maina Gambo 24yrs native of Nganzai LGA Borno State: Confessed member.

(20) Abubakar Kori 25yrs native of Nganzai LGA Borno State: Confessed member and Coordinating Suicide Bombings.

(21) Bukar Abatcha 39yrs Kanuri by tribe from Marte LGA Borno State, also a confessed member and major Logistics supplier to BHT Commanders living in the Bush.

(22) Muhammad Bashir AKA Kalijango 35yrs from Gambaru Ngala a civilian JTF Aiding and Assisting BHT to supply logistics.

11 Rifles and many other weapons and exhibits recovered from the deadly Terrorist group.
Suspects are helping the operatives with useful information to arrest the other fleeing BHT Commanders.

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Lagos-Ibadan Rail: Amaechi Shifts Focus To Ebute-Metta-Apapa Route



In his quest to ensure speedy completion of the entire Lagos-Ibadan rail line, Minister of Transportation, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has said that having achieved a 100% completion of the railway tracks from the Ebute-Metta to Ibadan axis, attention will now be shifted to the Ebute-Metta -Apapa route.

This according to him, will help to increase the pace of work on the construction of major stations and timely resolve the challenges that may impede construction work on that route.

Amaechi who was accompanied by the Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde on the inspection tour of the project said this on Monday in Omi-Adio, Oyo State.

Amaechi said, “Not much has happened at the Abeokuta station, the worst is from Ebute-Metta to Apapa. To sum it up, it is painful and now, our focus will be shifted to that area”.

Amaechi further said that he would schedule a meeting with the management of Nigeria Port Authority (NPA) so as to find lasting solution to the challenges encountered during construction on the Ebute-Metta to Apapa route.

He explained that the slow pace of work in some stations by the contractors, CCECC was as a result of challenges in clearing materials meant for the stations at the Apapa Port.

He said some minor stations along the rail line had been completed just as the major stations were progressing steadily.

“It’s a mixed bag. In some stations, we are impressed, in others we are not. The last time we came here, we had to suspend work because they were using what we referred to as stone dust”.

“Again, the second excuse they gave was that their vessel is still at the sea port . We hope to address this situation when we meet with NPA, as we are really committed to completing this project as soon as possible”, he said.

Meanwhile, Oyo State Governor , Seyi Markinde had said that the ongoing project was a wake up call for the state to brace up and do the needful in order to make the project seamless success.

He said that the project would decongest Lagos and improve the economy through job creation to the people adding that the state government would assist in the area of road construction and security.

“I can say that so far so good, work is going on and a lot of effort is being put into it. A lot has been achieved so far and a lot still has to be done”.

“The rail will boost our economy and people can work in Lagos and live in Ibadan. Students can attend our schools here, So, it will decongest Lagos and help improve our own economy”.

“We will look into other things that will make the rail operation smooth like the construction of roads and provision of adequate security”, he said.

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How Owner Of Firman Generator Was Killed, 900 Million and Original Land Document Collected From Him



Anambra State billionaire and owner of Firman Generators Chief Ignatius Odunukwe who went missing since first week of December has been found dead.

The billionaire was killed, cut into pieces and his body packed into a ”Ghana Must Go” bag which his murderers took to the expressway and dumped inside a forest.

Some criminals who pretended to be land buyers called him on phone because they heard he had a property for sale.

They agreed on a price and the agreements for the purchase was drafted by his lawyer.

Both parties agreed to meet on an agreed date for the exchange and thats when the whole drama started.

IG Odunukwe’s lawyers suggested going with him for the signing but he declined and told him he needs to see someone at Ikoyi club and that was the last time they saw him.

When the billionaire didn’t come back home, his family reported the incident to the police and they started investigations.

They eventaully arrested one of the men. On searching his house, they saw the original land documents already signed.

The man claimed he already finalized the deal and paid the billionaire but when the police asked him to provide the bank account where he paid, he claimed that he paid with gold.

That was when the police knew he was lieing. He was tortured and remanded in prison custody.

Finally, few days later, there was a break through in the case and the police arrested two more men.

They were tortured and they confessed that the picked up the billionaire and forced him to sign the documents. They killed him, cut his body into pieces and packed the parts into a Ghana Must Go bag and dumped it inside a forest in Badagry expressway.

On January 16th 2020, the police took the man’s family and the criminals to the forest where they retrieved the bag.

You can see when the police took the criminals and IG Odunukwe’s family to Badagry to recover the Ghana Must Go bag HERE.

It’s very important to always tell your family and close friends where your going to incase something happens.

If not that he told his lawyers he was going for that meeting at the hotel, they wouldn’t have known where to start looking for him.

Also, if your selling something, be very careful of every potential buyer because some of them might be criminals.

The bag they’re holding contained the remains of the businessman.

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