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Kidnap Suspect Tells Police Number of Operations He Has Been Involved With



LAGOS – A kidnap suspect, Adamu Mu­hammad, who was among the suspects that kidnapped a couple in Rivers State has confessed that though he was a mem­ber of the gang, he only participated thrice during kidnapping operations.

Adamu was among the gang that kidnapped a victim simply identified as Kingsley with his wife in Rivers State this month.

According to Saturday INDEPENDENT, the kidnappers later released Kingsley’s wife whom they ordered to go and source for ran­som money which would guarantee her husband’s release.

Adamu was arrested by the opera­tives of the Inspector General of Intelligence Response Team (IRT), led by Abba Kyari, a Deputy Commission­er of (DCP).

The victim, Kingsley who alleged that the suspected kidnappers were be­lieved to be Fulani herdsmen, averred that he saw hell while in the kidnap­pers’ den.

He added that he was beaten sev­erally, starved for three days, adding that they were at the point of killing him before the IRT team stormed the forest and rescued him.

Kingsley and wife were abducted on June 12, 2020 at a poultry farm in Igwuruta area in Ikwere Local gov­ernment area of Rivers State, when they went to a poultry farm to transact business.

Luckily, during the drop off, IRT detectives who trailed the kidnappers to the forest arrested Adamu.

They recovered the ransom and rescued the victim alive on June 15.

Confessing to the crime, Adamu said: “I am from Zakki Local govern­ment in Bauchi State. I relocated to Rivers State in 2018 and when I got here, I decided to be a tailor. I was never a cattle rearer. I was only sewing cloths for my people.

“It was Musa that introduced me to kidnapping. Before the incident, I have only followed them three times to kidnap people.

“Two days before the day we struck, which was a Wednesday, Musa called me and told me that there is a poultry farm at Igwuruta. That different rich men comes to buy egg there and that we can pick one of them up.

On Friday, June 12, at about 6 a.m, we stayed close to the poultry and wait­ed. About two hours later, a man and woman drove into the poultry in a jeep.

“We moved in and kidnapped them and headed into the bush. The wife started crying that she is pregnant. We took the money with them and re­leased the wife. We told her to go and bring N20 million if she wants to see her husband again.

We took him deep into the bush and later contacted his wife on the third day. We kept negotiating with them for days and his wife said she was able to raise N550,000:00 out of the N20 million that we agreed to collect. I and Musa were asked to go and collect the money from her at an agreed spot. We saw her and as soon as I collected the money, someone grabbed me and Musa ran away.

I live in one of the trailers at Ig­wuruta Motor Park, with about three persons. We normally make use of pump action and the regular hunters’ rifle and at the end of each operation, it will be buried in the bush,” Adamu further confessed.

Narrating what he passed through in the hands of the kidnappers, King­sley said: “On June 12, I went to a poultry farm in Igwuruta –Ali, with my wife and as soon as the man opened the gate, three armed bandits who are Fulani stormed the compound. They threatened to shoot and ordered us to lie face down on the ground, while one of them searched us. They took our phones and the money that we wanted to use to buy crates eggs.

They ordered us to follow them into the bush and few minutes into the bush, my wife was no longer stable, as she was tripping and falling down. I begged them to take it easy with her as she was a nursing mother.

They agreed to release her to go and bring their millions. They said the N200,000:00 they found with us was not enough for them. I trekked with them for hours into the bush till we finally stopped and they did not contact my wife for two good days.

“During those days, I was beaten up severally. It was all about death and how they are going to behead me like the others. They opened their gun and brought out the bullet to show me that if I attempt to run that they will kill me. They said that it is only money that they want and if I misbehave, they will kill me and still collect the money. All I could do was to wait and pray.

After two days, we moved to an area where they could access GSM network and they contacted my wife demanding for N20million.

“I pleaded with them that we can­not raise such an amount and they agreed to reduce it to N10million. “They threatened that I will be kept in the forest until they collect the en­tire money.

“Elders in my family advised my wife to report the matter at Igwuru­ta police station,” Kingley lamented, adding it was one of the policemen there that referred them to IRT office in the state.

He said that prior to that, vigilante group had mobilized themselves, but because the bush was too thick and long, they couldn’t find me.

Kingsley, who commended the po­lice for saving his life commended the Inspector General of Police, Adamu Mohammed, the IRT team led by DCP Abba Kyari.


Gunmen scatter scheduled COVID-19 meeting in Kogi, steal documents, destroy offices



Unknown gunmen on Wednesday attacked staff of the Federal Medical Centre, Lokoja who were planning a press conference to pressure the Federal Government into establishing a COVID-19 screening centre in the state.

We gathered that the gunmen shot sporadically into the air to scare people away, then went to the records and admin department where they seized laptops and destroyed a few things. They ransacked the Medical Director’s office, too.

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Horror on the loose: kidnapper who kills and deposits bodies of victims in septic tank arrested in Rivers



Horror on the loose: kidnapper who kills and kills and deposits bodies of victims arrested in Rivers

The Rivers State Command said its Anti-kidnapping Unit has arrested a notorious and serial killer, Anthony Ndubuisi, during a sting operation. 

Ndubuisi, who hails from Imo State but resides in Umuebulu Etche Local Council Area of Rivers, has carried out several kidnappings and killings of victims including three foreign nationals and a Nigerian.

A statement by the command said, “Operatives of the Anti-kidnapping Unit in a sting operation yesterday 29/6/20202 at about 1330hrs, arrested a notorious kidnapper and serial killer, one Anthony Ndubuisi from Ngo-Okpala in Imo State but who resides at Umuebulu Etche LGA. 

“The suspect, who was arrested through intelligence, upon interrogation confessed to have carried out several kidnappings and killings of his victims including three foreign nationals and a Nigerian. The recent, being the kidnapping and killing of one Ajumiene Offor, who was lured from Aba to his house for a business transaction but kidnapped and killed on 9/6/2020.”

However, during the course of investigation, the suspect led policemen to his house at Umuebulu where he pointed to a septic tank that contained the bodies of his victims. 

“On exhumation, we recovered three human skulls and decomposing body of his recent victim. 

“They have been evacuated and taken to the mortuary for autopsy,” the police statement added.

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