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SEGZ records in  their usual style of always giving the best is set to take the global musical circle by storm with the release of two hot sizzling singles by its artistes.

The two songs which were released on same day and are currently ruling the airwaves are  LIFE by Mr Segxzy and BOBO by SegxzyMatinna.

Since the official unveiling of the record label on 28th June 2019,  SEGZ records has being at the forefront of the entertainment industry  rolling out different packages to endear its label into the hearts of its fans.

Speaking about the singles, Engr. Segun Ola-Fadunsin,MD/CEO of SEGZ records said of the two singles “There is a dire need for us to redefine the concept of humanity and morality in music industry.

“There is a pressing need for re-education and re-orientation of the people, for this is the only way we can restore sanity in our society and musical scene with our good lyrical songs.”

Taking a look at the  singles, ‘LIFE’ is a song which was delivered in a dynamic trend of Afro beat  which addresses critical happenings in our society, the song also issues out advice to  everyone on how to live a well condinated lifestyle.

While the second song, ‘BOBO’ on its own is a love song which  typically define ‘Matinna,’ who recently rebranded into a new stage SegxzyMatinna,  centers her song on lovers desire for each other with a well orchestrated Afrocentric beat.

The two songs can be  downloaded on iTunes,  9jaupdate247, phcitypromo, ,ukalasblog and many other blogs.

Sure listeners across the globe are in for a jolly ride as the two singles from the staple of SEGZ records hit the airwaves  setting a leading pace in Nigeria and global entertainment industry.

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‘There’s No Actress That Made Her Riches From Just Acting Movies, They Sleep With Men’ ⁠— Princess Shyngle



Popular Gambian Actress, Princess Shyngle has made a wild claim against actresses in Africa.

According to Princess Shyngle, every actress who lives a bossy lifestyle sleeps with rich men to survive.

The Slay Queen/actress revealed she gets the offer herself all the time in her DM and offers from Pimps.

She added that an actress needs to make about 150 movies to but a Range stover or buy a first Class Ticket abroad but they do it all the time because the money is being paid by someone else.

Princess Shyngle wrote:

“My dm is super fcuking lit, anytime I post a bad ass picture my dm and emails is under attack by pussy hunters ready to pay anything to get this Gambian Pussy. That’s why when I see all these lying ass actresses claiming success and blessings from acting movie I just laugh my ass out as in the same men sponsoring your lifestyle are on my dms oh or their pimps are on my dm the funny thing is these same men that sleep with y’all brag about it oh, they tell us oh . Don’t let anyone fool you oh there is no actress that made her riches from just acting movies you’ll have to act 150 movies and save that money to afford a Range Rover or a 1st class ticket abroad.”

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Fans React to Singer Adele’s Shocking Weight Loss (Photos)



Adele’s weight loss has shocked a lot of people and new photos of the singer have led to a conversation on Twitter as people express concern.

The singer was pictured holidaying in Anguilla with Harry Styles, James Corden and Corden’s wife.

As soon as the photos hit the internet, people began commenting on the singer’s slimmer physique. Some opined that she looked better when she was thicker and that the weight loss makes her look sick. But others said she’s better off slim.

People took to social media and made the singer’s weight a topic of discussion, while others have voiced concerns about her health.

However many other furiously defended the singer – applauding her new figure and warning other fans to leave her alone.

She is believed to have lost three stone over the past 12 months thanks to a strict regime of healthy eating, reformer pilates, using weights in the gym, and cutting down on sugar.

Within Nigeria

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