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We Will Implement Creative Industry Report-Lai Mohammed



The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji , hasreceived the report of the Implementation Committee for Post-COVID-19Initiatives Committee on the Creative Industry, with a pledge toimplement the recommendations of the committee.
Receiving the report in his office on Thursday, the Minister assuredthat the Government will not disappoint the stakeholders in theCreative Industry.
“I can assure you that we will study the report and commence itsimplementation in earnest,” he said.

Alhaji Mohammed commended the Committee for its wide consultation witha broad spectrum of stakeholders in the Creative Industry in order tosecure their buy-in and ensure inclusiveness.
He commended members of the committee for their painstaking work thatculminated in the report.
In his remarks, the Chairman of the Committee and the Director Generalof the National Council for Arts and Culture, Otunba Segun Runsewe,said the Implementation Committee set up 14 clusters to collate theviews of all the players in the Creative Industry, with a view todrafting immediate, medium and long time implementation plan for theturnaround of the Creative Sector, which was badly hit by the COVID-19pandemic.
Otunba Runsewe, who thanked the Minister for his foresight in settingup the committee, said this is the first time any government willengage the entire spectrum of the Creative Industry in order to charta course for the development of the industry.
The Minister inaugurated the Committee on August 18th, 2020, to designan implementation plan on immediate and short-term relief for theCreative Industry, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic (Short Term);design a Policy Framework for Tax Relief for the various sectors inthe Creative Industry, if it is identified as one of the measuresaimed at achieving immediate and short-term relief for the Industry,and to work out a detailed implementation plan for a long-termintervention for the overall development of the Creative industry inNigeria (long term).
Other members of the Implementation Committee are Ali Baba (DeputyChairman), Anita Eboigbe, Baba Agba and Joe Mutah (Secretary).


Why I Contemplated Suicide-Eniola Badmus



Eniola Badmus

Eniola Badmus, a plus size Nollywood actress, has described as depressive some body-shaming comments by social media users on chubby women.

The 43-year-old actress while speaking in a recent interview with Saturday beats said although some of the derogatory comments by netizens could cause some people to be depressed, and even commit suicide, but that she would not let that happen with her.

Badmus noted that she did not come into the industry with a skinny body, hence she cannot allow negative comments about her body to get to her.

She noted that the pressure that comes with body-shaming is sometimes too much for some persons to bear, hence it should be stopped. Badmus said it is a wonder to see how social media feel they can lecture people how to leave their lives.

The actress also berates bloggers who always look out for trolls on celebrities, feeding on their negativity.

She said: “It is not everything I can talk about but sometimes, some things get to me. I have developed a tough skin over time but I am also human. When things become overwhelming, I have to express myself and pour out my thoughts. Everyone has a threshold on different matters. The way people go about body shaming is hilarious. I did not come into the industry as a skinny girl. I have always been a chubby girl. It is now when I am trimming down that the comments are coming.

“I know I have not seen the end of this and I cannot control people’s opinions. However, I think it is important to caution body shamers.

“The pressure that comes with these things is too much and could lead to depression. I tell people that I can never be depressed, no matter how much they troll me. I would rather put my energy into partying. But, some people cannot handle it. For instance, the only reason bloggers pick up one’s story is when they notice that a fan has slandered one or made uncouth comments and one replied. Some people then go to the comments section to laugh. They feed on that negativity. Families and society also need to be more considerate because they are guilty too. Some family members play around it by calling one ‘orobo (fat)’.

Badmus continued saying: “I just tell people to leave me alone. Some of the responses I gave to hateful comments about my weight were not because they got to me to the point of committing suicide. It was just to shut up toxic people. People on social media feel they have a right to talk to one in certain ways. You need to see the volume of messages I get every time.”

Speaking about her benefits so far in the entertainment industry and being a public eye, she said, “Some of the things I have enjoined by being a public figure include the fame and accolades that come with it. That is not to mention the opportunities, followership and admiration from well-meaning people.

Sometimes, I even get things for free. I did not know I would be popular while I was aspiring to become an actress and moviemaker. I also did not foresee the stress. I plunged myself into acting because it was my passion but I did not know I would end up having sleepless nights or having innumerable commitments.”

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Mighty mess as Duncan Mighty denies paternity of Daughter



The ongoing feud at the family Nigerian music star, Duncan Mighty appears to be moving from bad to worse as the award winning musician continues to release missiles against his wife, Vivien.

In a fresh post shared on his Instagram page on Friday night, December 4, Duncan accused wife of infidelity and also alleged that their daughter, Mitchell, isn’t his.

According to the Rivers State born singer, a DNA test has shown that Mitchell isn’t his daughter.

This comes hours after he called Vivien and her family members out, accusing them of planning to inflict him with an ailment and taking over his properties.

His new post reads

Mr FRANK is brights best friend whom is responsible for taking them to the highest and most powerful JuJu. FRANK and Bright are the fathers of Mitchell as DNA has proven me negative.

On the 24th of Nov 2015 five days after ICon was born i gifted vivian a car that night she accessed my phone and saw a N100m credit from the mallam i sold pounds to, she said to me what’s the money for? I said am building a television station to make Portharcourt intertainment industry come alive, she hugged me and said you are just too humble.

11months later they went to the first juju house and spent 1m which was used to build a hidden shrine, the existence of this hidden shrine is to hide everything they’re doing should incase anyone tries to find out spiritually the person will see another face and not theirs. The most important thing is neutralize DUNCANS POWERS, Which requires Frank and bright to have sex with vivian, the mom will be responsible for buring the charm and Maria is responsible for feeding the shrine then in exactly 4yrs time DUNCAN will get sick and die. But GOD failed them as that attempt resulted to the pregnancy of MITCHELL.

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